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A: There are a number of inefficiencies in the hospitality API space, including finding a potential technology partners whose products and/or services that could add value to a hotelier's offerings. This group aims to create a registry of hospitality API's to modernize this space.
A: Through the API Registry, prospective business and technical partners will be able to rapidly find each other by quickly identifying counterparts with the most likely matches and most desirable options for their needs, and the best person to contact once you find them.
A: The needs of both business and technical people need to be addressed in a way that attracts them to search and/or participate in this registry. All hospitality solutions can be listed and companies do not need to be HTNG members, but HTNG members will be identified in the registry and receive expedited processing for publishing.
A: Solutions will be listed in a directory by: category, vendor, product, and API details. Users will be able to search for listings that satisfy specific criteria, and subscribe to updates to any attribute. Products will include all successfully implemented third party integration to provide a gauge of integration value.
A: The API Registry Workgroup will have a working prototype of the API Registry by Q4 of 2017